Half a Victory In Minnesota Today!!


Was watching Twitter today a saw that the Bill to include E-cigarettes into their clean air act failed in the senate but they where able to try to ban them in state buildings.  Not a whole Win But enough to keep motivated.

Also there was a Victory To Our North in Wisconsin, where they have put E-cigarettes separate to Analogs!!! I can Only Hope that Springfield listens to them and Not the beavers to the West.

I do hope that people find this Blog and use it.  If there is Something You would Like to post please let me Know and whatever you do Gt Active!!! Join CASAA and be a Voice for Vaping. The fight is coming now for every town and state and we Must Unite and Use the Tools available.  This is One but Twiter and FB  and The rest are needed to Push against this Blatant…

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E-Cigarette Health Row Catches Fire – ABC News

Vapor Express


As New York and Chicago become the first major U.S. cities to propose tighter regulation ofelectronic cigarettes, the row over their safety has caught fire. Supporters believe the battery-operated cigarettes are a harmless alternative to tobacco smokers, while opponents say they may carry the same dangerous health effects.

Tom Kiklas, the president and co-founder of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, said he believes the fears about e-smoking, or “vaping,” are unfounded, and a bit misleading.”First of all, nicotine is classified as a secondary stimulant, the same as caffeine. People believe it is dangerous on an emotional level, but it is not a dangerous drug,” Kiklas said.

READ MORE: http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=21153225

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Tech issues..

sorry about the lack of posts vapers! my computer is currently down but i am working on getting a new operating system up and running! i promise when i do make it back videos will resume as soon as i can! i even have some recorded already! but no way to edit them together!  thanks for stickin around if you are reading this haha !   Happy Vaping guys. much love.


so i did a bit of reading today on news for vaping and found this!

apparently  Europe is trying to ban them on the grounds of electronic cigarettes being equally as harmful as smoking a regular cigarette !

Citing a “risk that electronic cigarettes can develop into a gateway to normal cigarettes,” the commission intends to group e-cigarettes under a new “tobacco products directive,” treating them as a “tobacco related product,” and as such, “be regulated within this directive” by 2017.

how do you guys feel about this? Even all of you reading this who don’t live in Europe?

The article talks about European officials wanting to regulate vaping because they want to keep from normalizing the act of smoking a regular cigarette in general.

i  personally think regulating vaping is not needed as long as people using said vapes don’t go out abusing the freedom of the vape!

i have a post i did recently about my personal vaping rules feel free to give it a read!


please leave your thoughts in te comment section down below and thanks for reading!

and as always Happy Vaping! 😉

How did i Start Vaping?

Hows it going Vapers?

i thought maybe i should share how i got into vaping and why!

cool? maybe? well im doing it anyway!

I never smoked Cigarettes before, and if you find that surprising yes people do vape for other reasons than to quit smoking!

my buddy Kyle was the first person who introduced me to the “E Cig” he started out like many other people with those crappy cigarette looking devices and slowly moved up to an ego esk battery here’s a picture of me holding it :

My First Vapethis was a vape that Kyle gifted to our other friend Juan and that they gifted to me. so it all started about 8 months ago not because I wanted to quit smoking but because i wanted to enjoy a relaxing vape day by day with an awesome taste, now I write a blog about it and soon im going to try to have a YouTube career about vaping! I don’t know how my career will work out but ether way vaping has changed my life.

sadly i broke my first vape at my job i had for a hardware store moving concrete.  Thanks Juan and Kyle for bringing this into my life i love you guys

so I got into vaping for fun whats your reason? to quit? fun like me? leave a comment!

thank you guys for reading this small but heartfelt post. maybe ill do a couple more posts talking about my steps through the Vape world

don’t forget to live me on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/blackrangervape

and as always Happy Vaping 😉

Vaping Etiquette

Hey guys!

Soooo one thing i have noticed is that some people are afraid to vape in public?

by all means follow the laws and rules put into place! but don’t be afraid to vape!

Vaping is allowed indoors because well it’s not smoke! its Vapor!

this being said a lot of people will not vape in an area like a mall or grocery store just for the sake of not being rude,

now i understand not being rude and respectful but let me give you some personal rules ive made up off the top of my head!

picture from http://camvip.webs.com/

1)  Don’t be a Dick!

when vaping in public don’t use a vape mod that will pour out clouds of vapor! i have a review of a setup of a vision spinner battery + a Kangertech Protank 2 that is small and discreet but still gives a great vape! go check it out! its perfect for a run to the store! people trying to buy cereal for a family they have most likely will not appreciate you blowing clouds in the view of the cereal!

2)  Educate the Community!

 if someone wants to know what you are doing kindly tell them! hiding it or not saying anything just makes it seem a lot more like its something you are not supposed to be doing. remember a lot of people don’t understand the ways of the vape, so let them know!

3)  18 & Over!

: just because vaping is not smoking doesn’t mean you can vape if you are under 18! not all flavors of E Juice contain Nicotine, but to purchase a Vape you need to be 18 years or over. so don’t hand out your vape or buy a vape for a minor!

4) Permission to Vape?

say you go to someones house ask them if you can vape inside and hell even educate them a bit! if someone is not comfortable with you vaping be kind to a home that isn’t yours and go outside!

5)  Public Transportation!

don’t vape on the bus! or taking the subway! some people think any form of “smoking” is bad and will be very upset  with you if you look like you are smoking!

What is in E-Juice?!?!

Hello Vapers!

So i figured its time I should talk a little bit about what is in E-Juice!


The website above has a lot of good info on exactly whats in juice as well as some great graphics to explain it

so with a little help from reading the article above and using my own knowledge i hope to educate you on what is in E-Juice!

E- liquid or E-Juice is made of 3 Main ingredients! Nicotine, Flavoring, and Diluents.

1) Nicotine :        is naturally formed in tobacco leaves and is released, along with other toxic products when a cigarette burns. The Nicotine used in E Juice is chemically stripped out of tobacco leaves then distilled out of solution to ultimately get the purest form of Nicotine .

2) Flavor:     Plain old artificial flavoring is added to the mix to give the vape a certain taste like Apple, Candy, Soda, almost anything you can think of! Every flavor is created differently and has different ingredients in them! a lot of people have a business in E-juice ether by making flavors, selling them, or selling ingredients like the flavor and they usually say how it was made and whats in it before you buy that flavor! if you guys would like a more in-depth post about what is in these flavors leave a comment down below!

3) Diluents:      This ingredient serves more than one purpose! Theres are added to correct the strength of the flavor .by making it less potent for the user to enjoy without getting an overdose of artificial flavor.

The second thing Diluents do in E-Juice is they produce the vapor from the juice and transport the Nicotine and Flavor to produce a nice flavored vape 😀

The most common Diluents used in e liquid are

pharmaceutical (PG) :  is a colorless and odorless liquid  with a sweet taste commonly used in pharmaceutical products and food


Vegetable Glycerine (VG):   like Propylene Glycol, is a common food and pharmaceutical additive. Vegetable Glycerine is used to Dilute other products as well as E-Liquid performing the same tasks. 

Here is an image straight from the article i linked to showing how basic yet complex E-Juice actually is


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are more informed on the world of Vaping!

any questions? leave a comment or like me on Facebook!


And as always, Happy Vaping 😉

Ego Winder Kits *NEW*

Thought id share this for anyone new to vaping! these kits are a great way to put a foot in the door of Vaping!

Vapes of Wrath

Introducing our newest kits: Custom winders from Smok Tech!


Included in these beautiful kits:

*Ego winder 900 battery

*Wall charger with removable adapter

*Bottom coil cartomizer 

*Two extra replacement heads

*Refill bottle


$55 each






*Pink/Purple combo



Vapes of Wrath

4103 N. Viking Way #D

Long Beach, CA 90808

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